Beta Theta Pi

Contact Information

Beta Theta Pi President:
Matt Sacco

Beta Theta Pi is joining the Creighton community in 2011! While Beta is the newest of the fraternities at Creighton it has a rich and lasting history. Beta was founded in 1839 at Miami University and was the first fraternity founded west of the Allegheny Mountains. Simply put Beta Theta Pi has a history steeped in developing men of principle for a principled life.

In Beta Theta Pi we believe the standard of the man to be that of mental strength and personal merit. We embody this through our five core values of Mutual Assistance, Intellectual Development, Trust, Integrity and Responsible Conduct.

It is said  "the first mark of a Beta will be his Beta spirit." In all that we do, we attempt to align ourselves so that people know our character by our actions. It is for this reason that our Founding Fathers (our new members in 2011-2012) at Creighton will be deciding on their own philanthropy to ensure that there is a true partnership and relationship with those that we volunteer with and support.

For those of you considering joining a fraternity, being a founding father is a unique experience because you help to craft not only your fraternal experience, but also the experience of those who will come after you.

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