Nominating Subcommittee

The Nominating Subcommittee is responsible for elections of new SAC staff members as terms are completed, for handling Rookie of the Year nominations and presenting the award, and for soliciting nominations for the Presidential Committees. 

SAC Members/Divisions

There are seven divisions at Creighton, and each outgoing SAC member is replaced with someone from the same division represented by that member.

SAC Nominations

SAC members are elected to three-year terms.  Each June a nomination and election process is held in an online format to replace members who have completed their terms.

Staff are asked to nominate co-workers for the upcoming election (they must first get the nominee's approval). Once staff have been identified and have given approval, their names are added to the online ballot.

When online voting is open, staff are asked to vote and are limited to the nominees in their division. Voting runs for the designated time period, the results are tallied, and the winners are notified.

Presidential Committees

Staff members are elected to serve a three-year term on various Presidential Committees to act as advisory committees to the President with regard to the areas they represent. Meetings are held in accordance to the statutes for each committee.

The various committees can be found here.

When there are openings, staff are invited to nominate themselves. The SAC members then vote for whom they would like for each committee and the names are given to the President's Office, who notifies those who are chosen to serve on the Presidential Committees.