Kelsea Worcester

Kelsea Worcester

Creighton Students Union (CSU) should serve students. Itís that simple. It is your student government and thus should strive to advocate for your causes, give money back to your organizations, and represent all students- from the traditional freshman undergraduate to the third year law student.

CSU is the only organization which brings all students together and as such should be attune with all Creighton student issues and concerns across campus, rotations, distances, and trips abroad. CSU needs to break through the limitations of a day-to-day operational mentality and instead be reflective of student needs, always working to improve the lives of Creighton students. CSU should strive to emulate Jesuit values, always giving more to its students and encouraging its members to represent their constituents to the best of their ability, as men and women for and with others.

As the vice president for finance, I worked to change the undergraduate funding system, ending four long, complicated ordeals and streamlining them into one, easy to understand process. I put legislation through the Board and Cabinet which were approved unanimously and made more student organizations eligible to receive funding. I listened to the needs of the professional and graduate school governments and adjusted the funding policies to better meet their needs. I cut overhead expenses across the board, giving more money directly back to students.

As the chair of the Constitutional Review Committee, I led a group of five students in thoroughly reviewing and rewriting the CSU constitution and Bylaws, giving representation and the right to vote to all students of Creighton University. I assisted in the calling of a special meeting through petition, organized the special meeting and strove to make sure that the changes were made available and clearly explained to all students.

As a member of the University Strategic Planning Committee, I have consistently represented the interests of the student body to university administrators and contributed to conversations regarding the future of Creighton in the next couple of decades. I served as the liaison for the undergraduate education task force, working with twelve members of the university committee to brainstorm ideas and create a proposal, and explained and advocated for the proposal to the Planning Committee.
As president of Creighton Students Union, I would continue to work to advocate for all students. Restructure is complete, the funding system is corrected, and the position of CSU in the university community has been clarified this year. I would work to build off of this strong foundation and ensure that our renewed system of government is implemented correctly, serving our students to the best of its ability. I would seek to lead a government that reflected studentsí values, goals, and advocated for their concerns. I would strive to make CSU more active in the lives of students, so that each member of our student body could readily list the ways that the presence of CSU benefits their Creighton experience.

I have learned much about the inner workings of Creighton University over this past year, and would continue to utilize this knowledge if given the opportunity to serve you as student body president. I would continue to work hard for students, and to thoroughly examine all of the workings of Creighton to make sure they are reflective of student needs, always seeking to make sure student fees are used as efficiently and effectively as possible.

The truth is that I am passionate about student representation here in the Creighton community. Regardless of what happens on November 6th, I can assure you I will continue to advocate for students of our dear university, whether as a Junior Business student or as a your student body president.