Heartim Williams

Heartim "Heart" Williams

What is your perception and/or vision of CSU?

Creighton Students Union is said to be an "organization dedicated to the service of the Creighton University student and the enhancement of the educational, social, and cultural environment on campus." I want CSU to be able to continue its strong educational standing. We have been seen as one, if not the best University's in the Midwest and I want to continue that. I also want to ensure that our cultural traditions still stand strong as it defines our Creighton unity.

What are your goals for CSU and how do they fit within the mission statements of CSU and Creighton University? How would go about achieving these goals?

There are many things I would like to get done if elected. One of the most requested and brought up topic was about the Creighton CORE. Many complaints about not being able to double major due to all the unnecessary classes they had to take upsets them, and I want to change that. I want students to know that they are coming to this University, paying their tuition, and getting the best of out it. I have actually brought this up and talk to some Deans about it, so it is currently going in the right direction. I also want to improve Sport Unification. This was actually brought up to me and requested by a faculty member, as he believes that Creighton should show unity when supporting their fellow Creighton athletes. This would be, for example, having an actual game-day shirt. This signifies the Creighton spirit and also promotes the university as well! These are just a taste of what I want to get done in office as it promotes education, social, and cultural environment on our campus.

Explain briefly why you would be an asset to CSU in this position.

As CSU president, you want to be able to know your campus. What does this mean? I am an individual that is very open and social. I have talked to many clubs, Greek, and faculty and staff, to know what this campus needs and wants. I am an individual that people come up to easily to ask for advice, comments, and questions. I would be a valuable asset as I can relate, connect, and have people come up to me freely to tell their concerns are. I will ensure that CSU will be recognized to the whole student body so that they know we are here for them.

Describe yourself as an individual.

I am an individual that is always concern with my surroundings. I am a type of guy that wants to get things done promptly. I am usually always jolly! I love to chat as it makes me feel like I am connecting with others. I certainly am a team player.I love to hear other people's suggestions as I always put into account when I make decisions I believe that with great teamwork, creates great work. I am not afraid to ask for help when needed, and I always ensure that my partners also are going fine. I usually give good comments to others; it's just the way I am. I am easy to talk to which is probably why I make friends easily. Lastly, I am a hardworking individual that ensures that things get done on time.

Include a brief statement and elaborate on your past experience which prepare you for this position.

I will start first with my experience as a senior in high school. I happened to joining the JROTC program and was graciously given the title as Battalion Commander for my high school. During my time in office, I was also as the Brigade Commander, which is given to only one person in the whole country. It was also year of our formal inspection, which determines if we get to maintain the gold star (the most prestigious award you can get). After months and hours of training my subordinates, we came up on top. We didn't just came up on top in the country, but also the whole Western Region which includes states such California, Hawaii, and Washington. It was the first time we ever did that in history. Am I saying that I was the reason why we came up on top? No! What I am saying is because of the team effort we put it, the mentorship and motivation I gave to my subordinates, we never gave up on each other and promised we wouldn't.

I was was my honor to work closely with the Lt. Governor as I was selected to represent the youth for my country. I got to influence young adults by motivating them to finish school, stop drug use, and even help them during rough times at their homes. Aside from all that, I was also there when the youth needed or wanted things to change. I would bring it up to my team and bring to the Lt. Governor who then decides if we can do something about it. Aside from this, I was also involved in the Budget Committee for Creighton University, College of Arts and Science Senate, Chair for the Entertainments Committee for College Against Cancer, and also was a Representative for CSU for the Arts and Science Senate during certain occasions. I believe with my past experience, I am certainly confident and skilled to lead this university.