John McCoy

1. What is your perception and/or vision of CSU?

CSU should, first and foremost, be the comprehensive representative government for the student body of Creighton University. Students should know who their executive team is, who their representatives are, how to apply for organization funding, and when campus-programming events are. CSU should provide an avenue for students to make issues on campus known to administration and work to resolve these issues.



2. What are your goals for CSU and how do they fit within the mission statements of CSU and Creighton University? How would you go about achieving these goals?
The first two lines of the CSU Mission statement mention CSU’s service to the student community and the cooperative efforts of the nine colleges of the University. The mission statement continues this commitment to community and cooperation through its comprehensive representation, support of all student organizations, and goal to implement a variety of activities to meet the diverse needs of the student body.


I have several goals to guide CSU into more fully encompassing the mission outlined in our Constitution.


1.      Unity. During my time on the Board of Representatives the past three semesters, I have noticed several divides on Creighton’s campus – divide between the graduate and undergraduate schools, between the student body and administration, and between governments, like CSU and IRHG. The mission directs us to foster a community; this is not currently being fulfilled in the best manner. Collaboration between all parties will be increased to foster a unified Creighton community.


2.      Visibility. A common issue over the past year and a half has been lack of CSU visibility, both on the part of the Executive Committee and the Board of Representatives. The new Constitution and By-Laws will assist in making representatives more visible and accessible. I seek to mirror that in the Executive Committee by requiring each executive to spend at least one of their offices hours on the mall or in the Skutt Student Center answering the questions and addressing the concerns of the student body.


3.      Communication. As with any organization, especially one as complex as a University, communication can always be improved. Improved communication will go hand-in-hand with increasing CSU visibility.


4.      Specific policy goals:

a.       Furthering CSU’s green initiative through new, technological marketing strategies for student organizations

b.      Supporting current Public Safety and Transportation Committee goals to place functional capacity counters on all parking lots and garages

c.       Support bike transportation on campus and in Omaha

d.      Establish a year-long council among Jesuit institutions for collaboration and collective problem-solving


3. Explain why you would be an asset to the Creighton Students Union in this position.

I believe my leadership style is a needed change for the Creighton Students Union. I strive to be an approachable, leader who always puts the students first. I have the résumé to qualify for this position, like the rest of the candidates. I believe my interactive, personal leadership style separates me from the other candidates.


4. Describe yourself as an individual.

I am originally from Peosta, Iowa – a small town outside of Dubuque. I am the oldest of my three siblings, both of whom are still in high school. I spent the first twenty years of my life living with my little brother, little sister, mom, dad, and a variety of dogs. I attended Catholic grade school before moving on to public high school. Needless to say, Creighton was my first encounter with the Jesuits. I’ve come to love the Jesuit values, especially the value of “Magis”, or the more, and “Men and Women for and with others.” There is always more we can do in our role in student government to best represent the needs and wants of the student body. In this fashion, I hope to serve as man for others, specifically student members of the Creighton community.


5. Include a brief statement and elaborate on your past experiences which prepare you for this position.

During my time in high school, I was extremely active in student government, serving a term as Representative, two terms as Class President, and one term as Student Body President. I arrived at Creighton last fall and was appointed to serve on the CSU Board of Representatives and have served the board in many capacities including my seat on the Public Safety Student Advisory Committee, CSU Committee for Transportation and Public Safety, the Finance Committee (now Appropriations), and Constitutional Review Committee.


I experienced the programming side of student government during high school. I lead planning and executions of events like Homecoming, March Madness Week, Prom, and the Winter Program. In addition, I helped inaugurate the first WAMAC Leadership Conference, a consortium of student leaders from the different high schools in our athletic conference. We hosted this first conference, which is being held for the third year in a row this February.


At Creighton, I have been a part of the legislative side of student government. As stated above, I sit on the Public Safety Student Advisory Committee, which allows me to bring concerns of the student body directly to Public Safety Administration. Through the CSU Committee for Transportation and Public Safety, I co-sponsored legislation to establish annual funding for CSU Airport Shuttle Rides during university scheduled breaks. I was also instrumental in the drafting of the new CSU Constitution and By-Laws through my involvement on the Constitutional Review Committee.


I hope these past experiences coupled with my vision for a united Creighton and visible student government help you in your decision on whom to vote.