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Future Careers

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Student Success

"Matt is responsible for making the company more data informed. This involves analyzing Flywheel’s day-to-day financial and operational data as well training people from all departments on how they can use data to do their best work” 

- Matthew Hoover, BA

Data scientist @ Flywheel

Learn Where Our Programs Can Take You

Graduates with degrees in political science and international relations pursue a variety of careers. Some pursue specialized graduate education before entering a career, and some enter the job market after completing the B.A. degree.

Our programs, supplemented by a careful selection of general education and elective courses, provides a broadly valuable mix of skills, knowledge, and perspectives to begin a career.

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Learn more by visiting our political science and international relations program pages.

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A few of these career areas include:

  • LAW.  Political science provides essential background for those who later wish to pursue the study of law and its practice.
  • BUSINESS.  Business leaders in a mixed economy need a thorough knowledge of government, international politics, and public policy.  Political science offers much as a foundation for a career in management.  Students with B.A.’s often begin in management trainee positions, or seek a graduate M.B.A. degree.  Many political science majors hold positions in business.
  • PUBLIC ADMINISTRATION.  Governments at all levels hire political science B.A. graduates for professional positions.  Some jobs will require graduate study in public administration or public policy analysis. 
  • JOURNALISM AND PUBLIC RELATIONS.  Knowledge of the workings of governments, politics and law, and research methodology, coupled with strong writing skills, are assets to anyone seeking a career in journalism or public relations.
  • COMMUNITY SERVICE AND PUBLIC AFFAIRS.  Graduates find employment in community service agencies or with interest groups.  Employers value political science majors who can offer research skills, organizational aptitude, and abilities in analysis and communication.
  • EDUCATION.  Opportunities exist for teachers in secondary schools, although preparation in other social studies is essential.  Employment in college teaching requires a Ph.D. degree.
  • MILITARY SERVICE.  Those seeking to enter military service as an officer will find political science study highly relevant.
  • POLITICAL MANAGEMENT.  Many graduates find professional positions in political campaigns and on the staff of political office-holders.
  • PUBLIC OFFICE.  Several of our graduates serve as elected officials in local, State, and Federal governments.
  • FOREIGN SERVICE. Political Science students are frequently employed with the Foreign Service.  Several graduates of Creighton's program are currently serving in the Foreign Service. 
  • INTELLIGENCE AND ANTI-TERRORISMCIA, FBI, Department of Homeland Security as well as the State and Federal government are interested in political science and international relations graduates because of their vast knowledge of world affairs and world politics. 

Faculty advisers are happy to talk with students about career directions.  The Career Planning and Placement Office can provide information on demand for various positions, assistance in preparing a resume and in conducting a job search, as well as contact with a wide range of employers. 

Dr. Scott Hendrickson acts as the main pre-law advisor for the Creighton University, College of Arts and Sciences.  In that role, he works with students interested in careers in law and law-related fields, advising them on course selection, career options, and, for those students planning to attend law school, law school preparation and the law school admissions process.

Students considering graduate and professional study should indicate their interests to a faculty member by the end of the junior year.  Faculty members will provide helpful information regarding various programs that would be a good fit for you and your career plans.