Public Health

Public Health

The minor in Public Health familiarizes students with the science of preventing disease, prolonging life, and promoting healthy life styles both in this country and abroad. Public health includes the study of the causes and distribution of disease in human populations and interventions aimed at minimizing risk factors and preventing disease at the population level. The profession of public health studies community efforts for improving the environment, containing community infections, addressing the social determinants of health, and developing the social infrastructure to maintain the health of a population.

Top 3 skills learned:

  1. Effectively communicating causes and distribution of ill health as well as strategies to prevent ill health and disability.
  2. Applying a public health approach to health care and health policy.
  3. Assessing ethical implications of public health practice and research.

The "A-Ha" moment for students:

This moment occurs when students realize that public health is an essential context for health care and recognize that citizens and policymakers need to create the social and other "upstream" infrastructures to prevent illness and enable human flourishing rather than simply addressing ill health "downstream".

Minor Requirement

Declare/Drop a Major/Minor