Global Health Equity

Global Health Equity

This minor provides a biosocial framework for the study of Global Health arguing that global health issues can only be sufficiently understood and addressed by recognizing their physiological as well as their sociocultural contexts and the dynamic interplay between both, particularly through the approaches, methods, and theories of anthropology, and acknowledging the interdisciplinary nature of Global Health, requiring the knowledge, skills, and expertise of a wide range of academic disciplines and professions. This minor also emphasizes the increased recognition in Global Health of health and access to health care as a human right and includes discussions on the importance of a commitment to global health justice and equity.

Top 3 Skills Students Will Learn:

  1. Using sociocultural theories to analyze Global Health Issues and assess programs an interventions
  2. Applying a community-based and community-oriented approach to explore threats to health and healthcare
  3. Drawing on moral frameworks to promote Global Health equity

"A-Ha" moments:

When students take ANT 317 Global Health: A Biosocial and Justice-Oriented Approach, they recognize that Global Health is much more than a list of diseases and other threats to health and health systems but an interdisciplinary professional field framed by the promotion of social justice and oriented toward communities and partnerships with them. These "a-ha" moments are followed up by taking relevant elective and required courses in the program.

Minor Requirements

Declare/Drop a Major/Minor