Ms. Monica White, Field Education Coordinator, Social Work Program


Creighton Hall 428A

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Monica White, MSW, LCSW
Department of Cultural and Social Studies
Creighton Hall #428A
Creighton University
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Professional vitae

Ms. Monica White, MSW, LCSW


One of my favorite quotes, “Everyone you meet is fighting a battle you know nothing about…Be kind.  Always” is one of my guiding principles as a Social Worker.  People rarely seek a social worker when all is going well in their lives, but rather when life seems to be fraying at the edges or in immediate crisis.  I love the intersection of the hope, faith, belief, and skills that intersect in social work education and profession.  My background is focused in medical social work, noting that health is the great equalizer…we all get sick some day; with a particular interest in children’s response to death and grief. 


Here at Creighton I serve as faculty in the Social Work program and the Field Education Coordinator, helping support seniors in their 440 hour community based practicum experience.  I love to be in the classroom learning with my students as we explore new topics, helping theory and content seem relevant and applicable.