SimplyWell Program

2017 SimplyWell Program

Creighton employees, you have until August 31 to finish up your 10,000 points on the SimplyWell website to earn your $100 for the Reward Store! Go back into the site by going to MyCreighton, clicking on the apple , and logging in with your Net ID and Blue password.

2016/2017 Wellness Program Guide

Click here to watch a short video called "Getting Started with SimplyWell" to learn about SimplyWell and instructions to sign up for the Health Screenings.

Click here to check out this short video on how you can be prepared to have a successful health screening.

SimplyWell Newsletters

For up-to-date information on health and nutrition, click here for SimplyWell newsletters.

SimplyWell has been designed, developed and implemented with leading technology to support full compliance with all applicable federal and state privacy laws, including HIPAA. Health professionals from Healthbreak, SimplyWell and/or United Healthcare may contact you regarding programs that may benefit your health. These programs are voluntary.

SimplyWell FAQ's