2015 SimplyWell Program

New and Exciting Opportunities for 2015!

All benefit eligible employees (regardless of health care choice or whether you waive benefits) can sign up for the SimplyWell program.

Participation in the Wellness Program is easy! The cornerstone for an excellent, data-driven program is a health risk questionnaire. SimplyWell is Creighton's choice for a medically based, online health management program that integrates a questionnaire, screening and many Wellness Program offerings into one point-based, confidential, secure and completely HIPPA compliant program. 

Everything you need to know here:(click on the link below):

2015 Wellness Program Guide

Click here to watch a short video called "Getting Started with SimplyWell" to learn about SimplyWell and instructions to sign up for the Health Screenings.

Watch this short video to learn more about the new SimplyWell MyHealthbreak portal.

2015/2016 SimplyWell Physician Upload Form - Use this form to take to your health care provider if you are going to get a health screening prior to September 20, 2015.

SimplyWell FAQ's

SimplyWell has been designed, developed and implemented with leading technology to support full compliance with all applicable federal and state privacy laws, including HIPAA. Health professionals from Healthbreak, SimplyWell and/or United Healthcare may contact you regarding programs that may benefit your health. These programs are voluntary.

FitBit + SimplyWell = Healthier YOU!

SimplyWell is FitBit compatible! Learn how to sync your FitBit on the SimplyWell portal here.