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Graphic Standards FAQs

The Creighton University Logo

Frequently Asked Questions
About Creighton's Graphic Standards

All questions regarding Creighton University's graphic standards the Graphic Standards Manual (14.9 MB PDF), and Creighton University's logos should be directed to Marketing and Communications at 402-280-2738.

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Graphic Standards Questions
  • Why is it important that I follow the University's graphic standards?
    Graphic standards, applied correctly and consistently, project a strong, effective identity for Creighton University. Applying the approved graphic standards will prevent confusion among our audiences. Using the University’s official symbols correctly and consistently is an important part of the branding process, enhancing Creighton’s image as a quality educational institution.

  • Do I have to use Adobe Garamond for my body text, or can I use another serif typeface such as Times New Roman?
    Every effort  should be made to use the recommended typefaces that are listed in the Graphic Standards Manual. If these typefaces are used consistently, it will help to re-enforce the University's brand. If for some reason the recommended fonts are not available, it is permissible to substitute another standard font that will represent the University in an appropriate manner. Please avoid using cute, or trendy, fonts such as Comic Sans, Copperplate, script fonts or anything that would not represent the University with dignity. See the Typography section of the Graphic Standards Manual (14.9 MB PDF) for more on this topic.

  • I’m preparing a formal invitation for a department reception. Can I use the University seal on the invitation?
    The official University seal can only be used with official academic documents such as transcripts, diplomas, formal academic events and legally binding documents. In the case of a department reception, it is only proper to use the University logo. It would be appropriate to use the seal for invitations to a chair inaugural, which is a formal academic function. Remember to check with Marketing and Communications, 280-2407, if you wish to use the seal.

  • Are there any standards for building signage?
    Yes. If you need a sign made for either the interior or exterior of a building, consult with Facilities Management at 280-2780 or 280-3070. Many signs will need to include the proper logo, and will need to conform to specific government requirements. Do not order signage without checking first with Facilities Management.

  • I have the old logo with the Creighton seal and Palatino logotype in vinyl on the door to my department. Does this need to be removed?
    Yes. In fact, it was supposed to be replace by July 31, 2003. Contact Facilities Management immediately at 280-2780 or 280-3070 to order new vinyl signs. Vinyl door signs are relatively inexpensive to replace and should be taken care of immediately!

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Logo Usage Questions
  • Where can I find copies of the Creighton logos to download?
    Logo files are available from two official sources. Logos may be downloaded directly to your computer from Creighton's official logo website -- Logos should not be downloaded from any other website!!! If you experience difficulty while downloading the logo files, or problems using the files once downloaded, contact Marketing Services at 280-2738 or for assistance.

    The other source for logo files is Marketing Services. Marketing Services can provide you with a CD containing any of the logo files found on the logo website. If the school/department identification line you need is not available on the logo website, contact Marketing Services to have it created.

  • Where can I get help if I have trouble downloading a logo from the logo website?
    If you experience problems while attempting to download a logo from the logo website, please contact Marketing Services at 280-2738 for assistance.

  • I’m in a hurry. Why can’t I just recreate the logo on my own computer? Why do I have to get the proper files from the University's official logo website?
    Quite frankly, if you have time to recreate the University logo on your computer, you have time to go to the official website ( and download the correct image files. Recreating the logo will not reproduce the logo accurately. The logo was designed with specific spatial relationships and character alignments that are extremely difficult, and very time consuming, to try and match. Simply eyeballing it and then reproducing it will invariably produce differences that may be minor, but will detract from the design and its branding capability.

  • May I add my department’s name under the logo?
    No. The school and department identification lines that appear under the logo use specific type settings which are impossible to recreate without the appropriate graphics applications. Only approved identification lines specified in the Graphic Standards Manual may be placed beneath the logo. These traditionally represent specific colleges or schools. Others may be added as the standards evolve. If you need a copy of the logo with a specific identification line under it, please contact Marketing Services at 402-280-2738 for assistance.

  • How do I use the Adobe Illustrator EPS files with my Microsoft applications? I can't open them to copy and past them into my documents.
    To begin with, Adobe Illustrator EPS files can only be opened by graphics applications such as Adobe Illustrator and CorelDraw. If you do not have these programs installed on your computer, you will not be able to open these files. Adobe Illustrator EPS files can be used in documents created by the following Microsoft applications: Excel, InfoPath, PowerPoint, Publisher, and Word.

    Next, using copy/paste to place ANY graphic image (illustration or photograph) into a Microsoft document is the incorrect method to use. This method only places a low-resolution preview of the image in the document, not the actual high-resolution image. Using a low-resolution preview image may not be a problem if your document will only be printed on an ink jet or laser printer. If the document will be printed by a commercial printer, however, the low-resolution preview image will appear fuzzy, or have "blocky" edges instead of nice crisp edges.

    To ensure quality reproduction of all images, the following correct method should be used to place ALL graphics files into any Microsoft document (taken from the Microsoft Office Online website. Editor's additions appear in brackets):
    1. Click where you want to insert the picture [in your document].
    2. On the Insert menu, point to Picture, and then click From File.
    3. Locate the picture you want to insert.
    4. Double-click the picture you want to insert, [or click on the Insert button].
      By default, Microsoft [applications] embed pictures in a document which increases the document's file size. You can reduce the document's file size by linking to a picture [instead of embedding it. Follow step 5 below to link to an image file].
    5. Linking to an image -- In the Insert Picture dialog box, click the arrow next to Insert, and then click on Link to File. [If you choose to link to the image instead of embedding it, you must make sure the image file is never moved or deleted from your hard drive. If it is, the document will loose the link to the image file and the image in the document will print out using the low-resolution preview image. Embedding the image into the Microsoft document will avoid this problem.]

    Contact Marketing Services at 402-280-2738 if you have any questions about this procedure.

  • How do I change the color of the logo to match my document?
    You don't. The logo colors cannot be changed. The official Creighton University logos may only be reproduced using Pantone Matching System (PMS) 280, the 4-color process match of PMS 280, or black. The logos may also be properly reversed out of a dark color. In special cases, the logos may be foil stamped using the following colors: royal blue (matching PMS 280 as closely as possible), black, white, gold, and silver colored foil. No other colors are permissible. Refer to the Creighton Colors section of the Graphic Standards Manual (14.9 MB PDF) for more on this topic.

  • Where can I find a copy of the Creighton seal to download?
    The Creighton University seal is not available for download. It is no longer part of the Creighton University logo, nor should it be used as a logo. The seal is only to be used on official University documents, such as diplomas, transcripts, official records, programs and invitations for formal academic events, and legally binding documents. The seal is not available for use by the greater Creighton community. If you believe your project qualifies to use the seal, contact Marketing and Communications at 402-280-2738 for a review of your project, and to receive permission to use the seal. If permission is granted, proper reproduction files or materials will be made available. Do not scan the seal from old documents!!! It will result in a poor quality reproduction.

  • Do the Creighton logos have an icon with them?
    No. The logo is a logotype, using the Creighton University name as a stand-alone image. No other images should be put with the logo. Refer to the Correct Logo Usage section of the Graphic Standards Manual (14.9 MB PDF) for more on this topic.

  • Do I have to use the Trademark ™ or Registered ® symbols when using Creighton’s logos?
    Trademark and registered symbols are not necessary when used on official University stationery, envelopes, business cards, advertising and formal invitations. All other applications should use the appropriate ™ or ® marks. If you are unsure whether or not the symbols need to be included, contact Marketing and Communications at 402-280-2738 for further clarification.

  • Can I create a logo for my school or department?
    Yes. Technically, though, it is a graphic symbol, not a logo. There is only one logo to represent all of Creighton University's schools and departments. School and department graphic symbols are permissible, but they must never be used in place of the official Creighton University logo. Placing the Creighton University logo next to a graphic symbol will create a new logo. Using the logo in this manner creates confusion with our audiences and jeopardizes the University's copyright on the two logos. The official logo must appear at least once on all publications and documents. Secondary symbols may be used as art or graphic elements, but should be placed far enough away from the logo so that each stands alone. Refer to "White Space" in the Correct Logo Usage section of the Graphic Standards Manual (14.9 MB PDF) for more on logo spacing.

  • I heard that Billy Bluejay has been changed. Is this true?
    No. Billy Bluejay remains the same and is depicted accurately in the Graphic Standards Manual.

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Stationery Questions
  • How do I fit all the information I need on a business card?
    If you are having trouble fitting all your information on your business card, consider carefully how much information really needs to be included. Business cards are only meant to be points of contact, and should only contain contact information. In special circumstances, such as joint programs which may call for more than one logo, you might consider using a card that is printed on the front and back, or even a folded card, to accommodate extra information. Consult with Marketing Services at 280-2738,, for other options.

  • May I revise the letterhead design to add multiple names/titles for everyone in my department?
    The basic design of the letterhead as described in the Graphic Standards Manual cannot be redesigned. The designs should accommodate multiple names, if that is what is desired. At many universities, names are not included on stationery, so consider carefully if it is necessary. Marketing Services (280-2738) or the Creighton Print Center (280-2515) can assist with proper placement of names on stationery. There are also options regarding placement of address information on stationery.

  • Where do I include my department's logo on our letterhead, business cards and notepads?
    First, there is only one logo for Creighton University. Schools and departments do not have logos. They may, however, have a graphic element that symbolizes that department. Only the Creighton University logos, as shown in the Graphic Standards Manual, are approved for use on official stationery. However, in the case of a few departments that have symbols that are already branded with their audiences, permission may be granted to use the symbol as a secondary element, possibly at the bottom of the page. Please call Marketing and Communications at 280-2407 before adding additional elements. Remember that University funds may not be used for designs that are not in compliance with the University's graphic standards.

  • I still have a box of stationery and a lot of business cards left. Do I have to throw them away and get new stationery and business cards that have the new logo?
    You do not need to discard your current stock of stationery and business cards. As this material is depleted, you will be required to replace it with updated stationery.

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Answers to Your Questions

If this page did not adequately answer your questions, please contact Marketing and Communications at 402-280-2407 for further consultation.